What is a Dosha?

Vata, Pitta & Kapha

       It is believed in Ayurveda, the ancient natural health system of India, that when our bodies are out of balance, there is a range of possible imbalances.    The concept in Ayurveda related to these possible imbalances is called dosha (dough-SHAH), sometimes spelled doshas.

Dosha is a core concept in Ayurveda and we can think of dosha as meaning that which causes problems.

It’s another way to use the word balance, but also means that which causes imbalance.   

Doshas are three categories or types of substances believed to be present in a person’s body and mind. They are air, fire, and water. There is also a fourth dosha related to the seasons called the “seasonal dosha” or “seasonal wind”.   

In an ancient system of astrology that forms part of Ayurveda, human beings are believed to have been born with each season’s characteristic wind inside their body.    These seasonally-related ‘winds’ (vata) can get displaced from their proper location due to imbalances in diet and lifestyle, creating problems of the mind and of the physical body.

The three primary or general doshas are:

Vata: This dosha is formed by air and space.

Pitta: This dosha is formed by fire and water.

Kapha: This dosha is formed by water and earth.

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